I had an NDE at age 19. It has taught, mentored, and informed me all of my life since. I am currently trying to write about it, but putting it on paper seems to trivialize it somehow so far. I know the city it occurred in, but I don't know the doctor's name or have any clinical documents to show what happened clinically or whether I was medically considered near death. That doesn't matter to me, but other people, in my mind, can just attribute it to psychosis or something without some medical evidence (which may be available) In any case I had a anaphylactic reaction to penicillin in the doctor's office and experience a Life After Life or Near Death experience of God. It changed my life and continues to unfold as I return to it at certain times of crisis and slowly understand more. I am now 59 years old.


When is the movie coming out? Where do you see it?


Hello --
I'm not writing about participating in the film, but I'm wondering when it might be released?
Can't wait to see it!


I would love to learn more about your project. I have had some touching, reassuring experiences of one particular person who was very close to me -- and still is. I'm not exactly sure if what I am living qualifies as something of interest to you, but I'd love to hear from you.
Also, I look forward to seeing your documentary!




When will this movie be released?


Is your documentary finished, or are you still in the process and looking for people. Also, from your clips I still can't determin the subject matter, although I'm very open to it.


I have had some experiences that I never wanted to even think about, now is the time to open the doors and let people know that it might even be the normal. Thank you for opening the doors.


Loved your movie trailer. Thanks for showing that "normal" folks have these abilities.
I relate to "hiding it" to fit in. I was nearly struck by lightning as a child- paralyzed for a few seconds from it, and ever since I can see, hear, and feel some things that others don't. It's been a struggle. What am I supposed to DO with it, you know? I do use the physical empathy in my nursing practice, but NEVER discuss it.
Looking forward to seeing the film!


Hello Tim,
I have two family members who have currrent experiences that most people would think are crazy. I love my Mom and sister very much and being in relationship with their life experience has frightened and bewildered me, I struggled to understand and accept them, whatever their story. Angels to Aliens, Ghosts and Goddess, Walk-ins and Walk-outs, For me, the best part of the journey is this, they
have opened my mind to explore more possibilities, and opened my heart to a more trusting kind of love. It isn't always easy, sometimes it is very painful to hear things you never wanted to believe as truth. My sister Lynette died 10 years ago in a motor cycle crash. Not of bodily injury, but her soul exchanged her body and Skye is now my sister. Skye is someone completly different than Lynette. Her life here was not her's and she moved to Scotland, we are in touch via the net and phone regularly. My Mom comes from a longline of sensitives. She is amazing and brilliant, most are not ready for what she delivers. She can be blunt, sometimes painfully! She wants to help others but sabotages and sacrafices her body to do so. She has the mind of a mystic and heart of a Goddess she inspires me. As well as making my hair stand on end.

If you know normal...let me know how it shows up.


Great news that you created the site.
I am excited.

Please let me in...:))

Thank you, Tim



Hi Tim! I've seen some clips and i just wanted to say that this is exactly what people need to see. You are doing a fantastic job. I am actually making a film about the same as you and i got really excited when i saw you interviewing Dr. Pearl. I am gonna meet and film him in october. Great!

If you want to have some Healers from around the world particitpating, im very interested!

Keep up the good work!

Jolly, Norway


Both me and my son have what is known as ESP when we are not participating too closely in this illusion. I've been aware of my abilities since I was quite young. Currently, (at the age of 53) I am honing my skills as a medium with a small local group. Dr Eric Pearl's gift of both the Reconnective Healing and the Rdconnection have done
just as the names suggest. My 14 year old son who is labeled with Asperger's syndrome has the ability to see beyond the veil (such as MIchael Jackson). He has practiced speaking with spirits as well, while at times having to keep too many entities from entering his space. I always dismissed and excluded many experiences during this lifetime due to fear of persecution as well as a loss of friendship. The gift of my son has led me back to this utmost important area of my life, because....Truth is one of
the Universal Grandfather Teachings that has come forth to be acknowledged. If we are chosen to participate, in htis film, then I am extremely grateful and appreciative.


I am the program director for a public TV station. I had a viewer inquire about your film.
Are there any plans to allow it to be broadcast?
Thanks very much!
Northwest Public Television
Pullman, WA 99164