Next to Normal, a documentary film, examines our complicated relationship to the 'non-material'/'spiritual' experience. There are significant number of people in 'western' society who appear to authentically experience 'non-material' phenomena, while choosing to deny, conceal, or reframe these experiences to insulate themselves from the powerful internal and external taboos that surround these experiences. These taboos stem from societal views that are paradoxically embattled within the same circles that promote them.

We have alienated the validity of the experience so entirely that we have relegated the reality of it to the 'fringe', to the 'paranormal', to the 'abnormal', to fiction.

The principal photography of Next to Normal is nearly complete and features dozens of extensive interviews with professional people who conceal their noetic/non-material experiences in order to maintain their 'normal' existence. The production has filmed exclusive interviews with researchers, psychologists, church leaders, and authors such as Lynne McTaggart (The Field), Deepak Chopra, Dr. Dean Radin (The Conscious Universe), Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way), Dr. Daryl Bem, Dr. Larry Dossey (The Power of Premonition), Dr. Lee Lipsenthal (Enjoy Every Sandwich), Father David Pettingill, Astronaut and Scientist Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Sonia Choquette (Trust your vibes), Rupert Sheldrake,(Science Set Free), and many others.

Next to Normal is a film that reveals how the experience is common, natural, and normal. It is a message to all of us that we can reconnect to our essential self to become whole again.

Next to Normal is directed by Tim Becker.

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Next to Normal Film Treatment:
Tim Becker Director.

He has a slightly drunk smile on his face. “I see dead people," he says attempting a joke. He laughs. But It’s a mask. It’s a code.

“You actually do, don’t you, “ I tell him. I don’t know how I know this… but I do. He is hiding the truth in plain sight.

“No, I’m kidding," his smile slips, “you know, like the movie."

“Yes, I know what you meant, but you really do see them," I say.

His jaw is slack. He looks nervous. He tries to hide it with a smile again. He says nothing.

“Its okay," I say, “tell me what’s happening." He looks around to see if anyone will hear him.

“How do you know that? No one knows that.“ Its his life long secret and he tells me.

His name is Jay, a waiter and aspiring actor. He is handsome, friendly, warmhearted. He is 27 years old. His whole life he has seen the unseen. He does not appear to be crazy or weird - he seems to be normal.

Jay - “You learn when you are very young that it’s not something you talk about. You learn from your parents, you learn from your friends, from your teachers. You learn to keep the experience to yourself. Not talk about it. To hide it.“

He tries to push it down, he pretends that its not there. And now he is trying to drink it away, but instead of numbing himself from the experience, it makes him less able to control how he experiences it.

Even those he is closest to, don’t know. His mother doesn’t know. His father doesn’t know. His partner doesn’t know. This is the way he wants it. This is how he is able stay under the radar, to appear like everyone else.

We live in a physical world, but there is more to it. There is a non-physical world that is deeply intertwined. As intertwined as it is, it is denied. All of us have the capacity to connect with the non-physical, energetic world or the spirit world as some call it. People use different names for it depending on their belief or the company they keep. Whatever one calls it, Next to Normal investigates the sense of it, probes the experience of it and peels back the myths. We are in collaboration with the non-physical and our sense of it is as plain as our ability to hear, see, or smell. It’s Normal, its natural, its healthy, even though there can often be a crippling stigma attached if you admit to it.

Next to Normal director, Timothy Becker, began this project born out of his own complicated relationship to his spiritual experience. He wanted to know what was real. On his own terms, he wanted to discover what was normal. He started to write a personal journal to organize and explore his thoughts. As soon as he put pen to paper, he began to meet strangers who shared for the first time in their lives, their experiences and their struggle.

While indeed some of the film’s brave subjects have very dramatic experiences, this is a film also about the subtlety and wonder of all the experiences with the unseen and that everyone has contact with it. Next to Normal shares the journey with everyday people (like you and me) who are willing to recognize, accept, integrate, and even enjoy our innate abilities and doing so begins our spiritual homecoming. Jay, Jen, Jana, Jenny, Danielle, Neil, and many others let us in to see them, but also ourselves. These intriguing stories, both dramatic and subtle, are interwoven with exclusive interviews with pioneers in the realm of the non-physical experience.

Timothy Becker also interviews notable authors and speakers, who not only speak of what they have learned from their expert perspective they also speak to the subject on a very deeply personal level. They explain their own exploration, confusion and angst. They reveal their own journey to what led them to acceptance and becoming more whole. There stories are beautiful, poignant and private.

We are indeed explorers, of land, sea, and of the cosmos, but we are also great explorers of ourselves, of our bodies, or our consciousness, and of our spirits. We are on the brink of discovering the magnitude of who we are, of our full potential. We are energetic and spiritual beings with a relationship to the energetic / spiritual world. We are at a crucial junction that has the potential to change our existence. We will ultimately make the connection of the level of feeling and of consciousness, the same way we know what love is, or what it is to find something beautiful.

Next to Normal is a film that will change how we accept what is real in order to evolve, to embrace an integral, essential component of ourselves and become whole.

"And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
- Hamlet - Act 1, Scene V

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