Next To Normal - A Documentary Film by Tim Becker

Next to Normal is a documentary that examines our complicated relationship to the 'non-material' or 'spiritual' experience. There are significant number of people in 'western' society who appear to authentically experience 'non-material' phenomena, while choosing to deny, conceal, or reframe these experiences to insulate themselves from the powerful internal and external taboos that surround these experiences. These taboos typically stem from societal views that are paradoxically embattled within the same circles that promote them.

Next to Normal shares interviews of everyday people who share these deeply personal experiences and the explores the depth and consequences of navigating these taboos. Next to Normal also explores developments in scientific research and surveys religious beliefs around these experiences.

The principal photography of Next to Normal is nearly complete and features dozens of extensive interviews with professional people who conceal their noetic/non-material experiences in order to maintain their 'normal' existence. The production has filmed exclusive interviews with researchers, psychologists, church leaders, and authors such as Lynne McTaggart (The Field), Deepak Chopra, Dr. Dean Radin (The Conscious Universe), Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way), Dr. Daryl Bem, Dr. Larry Dossey (The Power of Premonition), Dr. Lee Lipsenthal (Enjoy Every Sandwich), Father David Pettingill, Astronaut and Scientist Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Sonia Choquette (Trust your vibes), Rupert Sheldrake,(Science Set Free), and Father Joseph Henchey (St. Joseph's Seminary - New York Archdiocese)

Next to Normal is a film that reveals how the experience is common, natural, and normal. It is a message to all of us that we can reconnect to our essential self to become whole again.

Next to Normal is directed by Tim Becker.

Copyright 2007- 2013 Timothy Becker